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Has Your Business Arrived- Building Brand Awareness

Written by  carlos andrew reeder
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The world is emerging from an economic crisis that has opened up vast new opportunities for Hispanic entrepreneurs and business owners.

These opportunities include closer partnerships in technology, energy, social and economic development, trade and investment between Hispanic owned businesses and other countries.

Your business lives in a social world and you should always stay abreast on how and where your business shows up, especially on the Internet to benefit from these opportunities. Through Business Vitals we’ll provide you with a lot of insight on how your business is perceived, where you are being found and what adjustments you need to make in your social media, marketing and branding efforts to show up on page one of search engines.

It used to be that showing up on page 2 or 3 of Google was good enough to capture 60% of users attention searching the Internet.  Today, roughly 90% of the decision-making choices in search are from page one information displayed by Google.

Your Internet presence and social media efforts are directly correlated to this position. The bigger your Internet presence, the higher your name is on the results (rank) and the more pages your business name shows up (depth).

Simple strategies or changes can improve your brand awareness and revenue.  Moving a ranking from the second page to the first page can result in a noticeable increase in traffic.

You are probably brainstorming ideas for building brand awareness right now but have trouble taking actionable first steps to get moving and improve it.

Whether you are just getting started or at it for years, an improved SEO strategy will get your business found online by more prospective customers rapidly. To help you in your optimization efforts, here is a FREE step-by-step SEO Starter Guide put together by Google that’s an awesome tool to improve your sites' interaction with both users and search engines.

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It’s important to enable Hispanics, professionals and entrepreneurs to interact in a community to foster economic success for business.

Part of our job is not only to assure our listeners that marketing strategies, tactics, and tools we’ll be sharing are effective but to usher them into a world of open discussions about the Future of Marketing…where is it going?  We will explore how you must have the marketing conversation (solve problems, provide answers, give value) before the sales conversation and revenue cycle begins.

CEO leadership, Latino board member looking at marketplaceIt's time to have your company coveted by new prospects and existing customers by over delivering value and providing exceptional customer service.  Tag your it, let's hear from you about your successes or about the missing link in your business.  Let us help you become a contender again.

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