About Us

HBR is hosted by radio, TV and film Producer Carlos Andrew Reeder

Andrew Reeder and TV Reporter Jeannine Cota.

"I'm really excited to be bringing the show into English," Reeder says. "U.S.-born or immigrant, Hispanic business people live and work in more than one language, and this show is going to reflect that dynamism."…..

Carlos Andrew brings over 28 years as a television and radio producer, reporter and director to his role as Co-host. With overseeing production of more than 300 film and television programs, live sports and primetime television series for Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Fox Television, Disney Studios, ESPN, USA Network, ABC, CBS, NBC, Prime Ticket, Carlos Andrew has been a visionary in identifying marketing trends and opportunities for Fortune 1000 clients, entrepreneurs and small business. As the driving force and Executive Producer ofHispanic Business Radio and AllMediaOnline.com/octake1, he successfully leveraged his contacts in media, technology, and advertising to clear HBR's programs to a 22-station launch west of the Mississippi for 2011 - 12.

...and Co-host Jeannine Cota

jeannine Jeannine's unique D.C. experience, natural ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds, and undisputed 'gift of the gab' earned her a variety of positions, including esteemed 'Gen X' political contributor for CNN Headline News Presidential Campaign coverage 2004-05. Before joining Headline News, Jeannine hosted news and travel programs for Sky Radio network.

Belinda Rodriguez, Producer – Empower Latinas

Belinda's imageOriginally from the Banking World, Belinda Rodriguez declared her Independence from banking in 2010 to become a force in the surging number of Latina entrepreneurs and business owners embracing their passion to be taken no longer for granted and to empower herself and others to become enterprising leaders.

Always on the look out for intriguing guests, her red carpet interviews include: Madeleine Albright, Billy Jean King, Cherie Blair, Dara Torres among other special Guests.

Like many of us, she gives freely of her time to both charitable and business associations including St. Joseph Hospital Foundation, Latina Golfer Association and WisePlace Women's Shelter.


Radio Hispana De Negocios is hosted by Armando Arguayo

Armando This season marks the 2nd season for Armando as Co-host of Radio Hispano De Negocios. Arguayo will team up with Soraya Menchaca in studio each week while continuing as the play-by-play voice of the UCLA Bruins Spanish Broadcast, the Galaxy Soccer Broadcast and Nascar Racing.


Radio Hispana De Negocios Co-Host – Soraya Menchaca:


After a long and unsuccessful search trying to find a vibrant, entertaining and creative storytelling radio personality for the Spanish Network show, Radio Hispana De Negocios, Soraya Menchaca's coverage of a U.S. – Mexico Chamber of Commerce event in Los Angeles made it easy for me to distinguish her as the personality to unite with Armando Arguello as the show's co-host.

She has the ability to lure brand name stars or comfort struggling Latin Americans as a beacon of light to encourage, inspire and empower.

Soraya has already done everything in her power to deliver insightful interviews with political leaders, entertainers, business leaders, diplomats and more in 2012.