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Friday, 15 June 2012 08:04

One alternative to the U.S. as a place to live, do business, retire or invest might have seemed like insanity just months ago…but given the whirlwind of current economic fluctuations that are driving us to become hardcore depression boomers, it might make sense to look south, very south, to get more "bang for your buck."

I hardly know anyone who hasn't been unaltered by today'stepid economic climate. As host of this weekly radio program, my goal is to provide a wide range of relevant data that can help minimize risk taking for small business owners. Thus, I'm excited about presenting this great opportunity in Latin America.

As a serious-minded businessperson, I began looking into the idea of living and doing business abroad to accomplish three things:

  1. Lower my costs
  2. Look for growing demand
  3. Find an expanding middle class market

Though he never states it explicitly, "Four Hour Work Week" guy Tim Ferriss employs this smart strategy: He sells to the First World, hires workers in the Third World, and lives in Latin America, where costs are low and the lifestyle is high.

Corporate America has been doing it for years. Ask companies like Pepsi, Wal-Mart, Avon, Burger King and Pizza Hut where their growth is?

It's overseas…in the developing world.

So, what areyour alternatives?

One of my favorites, Ecuador, is an ideal country: moderately conservative, highly productive especially in natural products, a top five Latin America ranking in shrimp production, and many real estate bargains to be had.

Ecuador has a population that still knows how to work and how to grow its own food–including natural and organic–and is staying away from swallowing the "entitlement" pill for now.

Based on these criteria, Ecuador has a slight edge over my other favorite, Chile.

One of the benefits of covering the Natural Products Expo for HBR's Living Green segment in 2012 was that we made great connections with an array of small Ecuadorian businesses seeking U.S. distributors for their products and new investors.

If you're looking for offshore options, and would consider sharing in a high-demand business in the natural and organic industry, this video may get you to consider Ecuador as a viable choice.

All offshore opportunities are not created alike. You owe it to yourself to go beyond the current "comic book" advice available on the Internet and from mass-market seminars presented by companies like Agora (International Living.)

Latin America is not perfect by the stretch of anyone's imagination, but for now, the governments there employ a "live and let live" approach to their citizens and residents: You don't bother them and they don't bother you. Does that sound attractive to you?

For more information, visit the…

Wednesday, 21 March 2012 08:02

Months after being kicked out of their encampments, organizers of several movements are calling for a "Spring offenisve" to take place globally.  While it appears that it's died down, police arrest 73 or more protestors in Zuccati Park.  The occupy movement helped launch Occupy Our Homes, a group that assists citizens at risk of losing their homes to foreclosures.

The Stream just reported that "The Occupy movement has faced a financing problem in recent months, which has led some wealthy progressives to try to contribute funds. The Movement Resource Group, whose board is led by Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry's, has so far raised about $300,000 in support of the Occupy movement."

Occupy Wall Street has begun a regular Friday training for activists planning to join the May Day actions.

What do you think? What has the movement achieved and what needs to change? Send us your thoughts and comments on Twitter using hashtag #hispanicradio.

Friday, 10 February 2012 07:24

Latina Woman orchestra conductorWhat a great pleasure it was to interview Sonia Marie yesterday, one of the first female orchestra conductors in the world.  Among many accololades Sonia became the first woman in history to receive a Vatican invitation to conduct a symphony orchestra at a Papal Mass by Catholic Pope Benedict XVI. She currently conducts Santa Cecilia Orchestra with scheduled appearances at Thorne Hall, Occidental College April 29, 2012.  This sizzling music conductor takes great pride in presenting the Music of latino composers.  The performance starts at 4P.