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With the focus on socially responsible community farming and organic certified health and wellness products, Peru is quickly becoming a mecca for sustainable foods and products. Imagine connecting with a community of farmers who grow maize and native beans using the corn stalks as beanpoles, or a co-op of potato farmers who harvest more than 2200 species of of potatoes, 3000 varieties of sweet potatoes, a cooperative of gooseberry, goldenberry or macaberry producers, a community of Quechua women who harvest sauco (elderberry) from their wild trees to supplement the family income. There's a terrific growth of fair trade cacao producers in the fringes of the Amazonian jungle. HBR is happy to keep alive the story of the skilled Peruvian craftsman who are truly rooted in producing good quality energy foods to stimulate powerful sensory benefits such as aroma, flavor and texture.
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Organic Sustainable Maca root extract

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While copper and minerals are by far the most valuable export coming out of Chile, its fertile growing lands and varied climate make it ideal to produce food for the Northern Hemisphere’s counter-season. It's no secret that Chilean wine imports is growing at nearly 20% annually and the US demand for organic fruits and vegetables is growing by nearly that same percentage. Chile currently produces about USD 35 million in organic products, of which only USD 2.4 million are consumed nationally so truly is an emerging opportunity for the other $32.6 million worth of goods to be monetized through distribution channels domestically.

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High quality, good tasting and enjoyable health and wellness products from the world's second largest Organic Producer.

The main organic goods produced in Brazil are pineapples, bananas, coffee, honey, amazing organic skincare, milk, meat, soybeans, heart of palm, sugar, chickens, and vegetables. Organic Brasil, for the betterment of the body and eco system.

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Ecuador is a real sustainable paradise for tourism, natural premium foods, health & wellness products, fascinating species of orchards, Panama hats and more.

Ecuador has taken great steps to establish itself as a leader in export of Certified Organics.

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